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How we handle ebay selling for you:

Ebay is the world's largest online marketplace, with ebay buyers and sellers participating in millions of auctions every day. Therefore it's easy to find a new home for your valuables—just decide on what you wish to auction, answer a few questions, and we'll do all the rest. Here's how it works:

1. Initial Contact: Call one of our ebay sellers at 631-393-6493 for a free consultation about the value of your property and the auction process. We are looking to sell items of an expected ebay value of $200 or more, or a total ebay value for one or more items of at least $2000 if we are to come to your home.

2. Pickup: We'll make an appointment to come pick up your items and fill out the auction form. For large or heavy items, we will photograph on site and arrange for pickup or shipping after the sale.

3. eBay Auction: To prepare a professional listing that will attract a high ebay selling value, we take quality photographs and conduct research on the item and category. Then we implement an auction utilizing one of several ebay selling strategies. We also manage the auction communications, collect the payment, and package and ship the item.

4. Commission: ProSellers' standard commission per item is 35% of the 1st $1000, plus 20% of $1001 to $2000...see the example chart. Items that sell for less than $200 are subject to a $75 commission. ProSellers pays all eBay listing, transaction, and PayPal fees, which are a minimum of 7%. Buyer pays the shipping costs. Auction pickups are subject to a $15 fee.

Under $200
Over $2000
Call Us

For vehicle sales, we require a non-refundable listing fee of $300. If the vehicle sells for over $5000, our commission is the sum of the $300 listing fee plus 5% of the sale price. Vehicle sales of under $5000 are subject to the $300 listing fee plus up to 10% of the sale price.

Items picked up are fully insured for loss or damage and stored in our local office before shipping.

We offer no guarantee that your property will sell on ebay. If your item does not sell, we will re-list it for another auction. Most items will sell by then. If not, you will have the option of picking it up at our office, or allowing us to return it at a mutually convenient time within a week of the auction's end.

Full terms and conditions are available with the auction form.